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URL Redirect Tool
By using the URL Redirect tool, you can easily redirect a specific web folder to another URL without having to write a special .htaccess file for that purpose. Further, if you choose to work with both the Redirect and Redirect match directives, you will be able to use regular expressions. After submitting the form the tool will create the redirection for you automatically and will provide an option for editing its settings or removing it, if necessary.

Popularity Check Tool
It is recommended that you often check what is the page rank of your website with the top three search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN. Then you need to know if this page rank is growing. The bigger the traffic to your website is, the more profit you can earn!

E-commerce Solutions
We deliver optimal solutions for your e-commerce operations. The OS CommRes and OS Commerce tools provide an integrated, customizable environment for online merchants of all sizes. Their user-friendliness allows for the quick set-up and easy administration of your online store.

Webalizer Statistics
By accessing the server statistics and examining the collected data, the Webalizer will provide you with extremely important information about the traffic from and to your website. You can view who accessed your site and when, where he went, which keywords brought him there, etc.

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